We celebrate a 60th birthday by travelling from New York to San Francisco ..... by train

Coast to coast across the United States

New York City Manhattan seen from the Hudson River, on a boat cruise round the harbour
Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan, a classic view of New York City
Central Park - a panoramic view of this famous park from the “Rock”
Top Of The Rock[efeller] Building - a steady hand necessary here ..... the building really does sway .......
Looking down on St Patrick’s Cathedral, looking lost among its neighbours
New York City Stock Exchange
Grand Central Station, a restored and magnificent Beaux Arts construction, modelled in part on the Paris Opera
From New York to Washington D.C. with Amtrak
Washington D.C. - The White House
The Lincoln Memorial, temple to America’s best loved President
Abraham Lincoln, a larger than life [20 feet] statue of a man who figured large in American politics
The WWII Memorial, standing midway between the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol, a testament to suffering and sacrifice
The Roosevelt Memorial, inscribed with many memorable quotes by this popular and successful politician & statesman
Washington D.C. - The Capitol, heart of U.S. government
Washington D.C. The Ford Theatre where Lincoln was assassinated on April 14th 1986
Washington D.C. Air and Space Museum - “One small step for a Man, one giant leap for Mankind”
Washington D.C. Union Station
The Amtrak Superliner, the standard cross-continental rolling stock, complete with sleepers on the upper deck
The Amtrak Observation Car, a popular meeting place with spacious relaxation
The Superline Sleeper Cabin, complete with toilet and shower yet spacious and comfortable
Chicago Downtown Centre, home to the first skyscrapers, the Magnificent Mile.
The Rockies - Sprague Lake- a study in tranquility
Through the Rockies National Park by train, on to Grand Junction
The landscape is ften likened to Switzerland
The Rockies National Park- the San Juan Mountains rising to 9000 feet, showing evidence of iron and other mineral deposits.
Silverton Main Street, population 500, heyday 1900 to 1910, “a gritty little mining town with Victorian pretensions”
“Handlebars” 1800’s western atmosphere with old west collectibles, rustic wooden floors, and mining memorabilia
Silverton - Durango Railroad, its cargo of minerals now long since replaced by tourists ........
...... winding its way through the Animas Canyon.
Arizona - Goosenecks Canyon, a thousand foot deep chasm, carved by the San Juan River.
Arizona Monument Valley on Navajo Indian Reservation land - the Mittens and Buttes seen from Highway 163
The Grand Canyon Railway
The Wild West comes to Williams near Flagstaff
The Wild West comes to Williams near Flagstaff
Grand Canyon South Rim - Nature’s most breath-taking wonder
Five to Six million years of erosion by the Colorado river.
A Route 66 Diner at Williams
A Route 66 Diner at Williams, faithfully restored and preserved/
The Queen Mary moored at Long Beach, Los Angeles, its ocean-going days over, now an unusual hotel
The Queen Mary - first class cabin on “M” deck, the sleeping accommodation with double porthole
“Piccadilly” on the Queen Mary, the main shopping thoroughfare between decks
The Queen Mary bar
Los Angeles, Walk of the Stars
Los Angeles another quintessential Union Station
San Francisco - the view from Twin Peaks and some of the other over 40 hills .....
San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, the world’s third largest single-span bridge
San Francisco Alcatraz, where Al Capone was once imprisoned ... for tax evasion .....
San Francisco Pier 39 by Fisherman's Wharf, with its sea-lion residents.
San Francisco’s “Painted Ladies” on Alamo Square, one of the city’s most celebrated views.
San Francisco Pacific Heights, looking towards the bay, an area full of elegant houses , with stunning viewsg
San Francisco Cable Car - a practical transportation system for the city’s steep inclines
A San Francisco Cable Car negotiates a steep hill against the backdrop of Alcatraz in the bay.