Dancing started for me with the the girl on the bus. Waltz, quick-step and cha-cha were followed at University by English Folk Dancing and Playford which had the added attraction that you kept on changing partner .....

From polka, rant, quick-step and waltz, I progressed to verbunk and czardas when I joined a Hungarian dance troupe in eastern France.

All this is now a far cry from reel, jig and strathspey .........

At University, I joined a Playford dance team, complete in period costume.
We demonstrated locally in the Reading area and caught the attention of the local Press
The team in 1967
In action in 1968
1974- some former Playford team members gather for a reunion dance
While in France, I joined a Hungarian dance ensemble ......
The Ensemble Bartok was a bunch of enthusiastic youngsters who performed at many events across Alsace
A Romanian-Hungarian gypsy band provided the accompaniment
2004- a Playford reunion at Reading University
1983 - the annual Ball in the glittering splendour of the Assembly Rooms, George Street, Edinburgh
In the early "Noughties" I take on the role as Business Manager for the Annual Show
in 2019, we represent the R.S.C.D.S. at the Queen's Garden Party at Holyrood Palace

1984 - the Edinburgh Branch demonstration team of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

On the dance floor

A dance evening