My mother’s family

Henry A. Murgatroyd [1844]
and Mary Jane Haley [1839]
Arthur Haley [1871-1946]
as a young man
My maternal grandfather
Alice Emma Dewhirst [1873-1949]as a young woman
My maternal grandmother
28 Walbutton Road Brockley
Murgatroyd siblings, eventually a family of ten children
Five daughters, my aunts, with their mother
Gladys [1894-1946],
eldest of the family
Alma [1896 - 1991], second eldest, a life-long spinster, but married in her nineties!
Margery, [1899-1947], third daughter
Dorothy [1901-1990] fourth child
Maurice [1903-1966], first of the boys
Vivian [1905-1969], second of the boys
Stephanie [1908-1985]and Pauline [1911-1983]
Gerald [1914-1986]
Barbara [1916-2004]
Gladys and Charles WHITEWOOD’s Wedding 1919
Dorothy and Charlie CARR’s Wedding 1921
Maurice’ s wedding to Maud
Steph and Billy WILLIAMS’ Wedding 1934
Barbara and Charles HARDING’s Wedding 1938
and Family
Margery, Herbert [CARR]
and Margaret
Dorothy with baby Gordon
Dorothy, Gordon, Kathleen and John [Slater] and Charlie [CARR]
Maurice, Maud and Hazel
Gerald, Monica, Mal and Kathryn
Charlie, Barbara, Chris and Peter [HARDING]
Cousins with their grandmother in 1949
Alice Emma with her grandchildren
Pauline, Maurice, Alma, Gerald, Dorothy, Vivian and Barbara 1962
Murgatroyd Sisters in 1969
Dorothy and Alma in their dotage
2001 Barbara & Charlie [HARDING]

My mother was one of a large family of seven girls and three boys.

The Murgatroyds were related to the Dewhirst and Haley families